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At the Market

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Pick-Your-Own at Gogle Farms

If you are interested in the experience of pick-your-own at Gogle Farms you are in luck! We offer Pick your own sweet and sour cherries, yellow peaches, apples, and jack-o-lanterns based on the season. See our ripening schedule or follow us on Facebook to stay up to date on what fruit is available when.

At Gogle Farms we sell all of our products by volume instead of by weight. For Pick-your-own, we use peck and ½ bushel baskets. The baskets have a plastic bag liner that will be used to take your fruit home. Peck baskets hold approx. 10lbs and a ½ bushel holds approx. 20lbs. A ½ bushel basket is typically referred to as a peach basket. We will not weigh your basket after picking – prices are determined by basket size.

FREE Hayrides to pick-your-own peaches, apples and jack-o-lanterns (weather permitting). We do not offer hayrides for Cherries or on Fridays but you can walk to pick-your-own.

Pick-Your-Own Rules

  1. Don’t eat fruit off the ground.
  2. No dogs allowed.
  3. We strongly recommend that you wash your hands before picking fruit.
  4. Stay seated while the tractor and wagon are in motion. Keep hands and arms inside the wagon. Watch for tree branches as we drive through the orchard.
  5. For a smoother ride, sit towards the front of the wagon.
  6. Be aware that the grass may be rough, the ground may be uneven and there will be bugs in the field – We recommend that you wear closed toe shoes or sneakers for this reason.
  7. Don’t climb the trees.
  8. Peaches are fuzzy and can make you itchy. The more you scratch the worse it will itch.
  9. Samples are allowed but we always recommend you wash your fruit before eating it.
  10. Don’t pick in areas outside the designated variety unless authorized to do so. Some fruit may look the same but could be under- or over-ripe and not at its’ peak flavor.
  11. $10 minimum on credit card purchases

Thank you,
Gogle Farms

Fresh Produce Stand

Seasonal Availability of Local Produce

  • Tomatoes
  • String beans (green and yellow)
  • Cauliflower
  • Broccoli
  • Zucchini
  • Eggplant
  • Peppers
  • Red beats
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Cantaloupe

Our Seasonal Produce
(see About Fruit section of website for more information on products listed below)

  • Tree fruit
  • Assorted squashes
  • Assorted pumpkins
  • Potatoes

Gogle Farms Grown Potatoes

Why Potatoes?
Growing up the Gogle Children were regaled with stories from their Great Grandpop about taking potatoes to the train in Rockdale by horse drawn wagon. Potatoes were a staple at not only Gogle Farms, but many family run farms in the area at the time Great Grandpop Gogle was growing up. So when it came time for the now grown up Gogle children to decide what to plant on their farm, they chose to honor their Great Grandpop by planting potatoes.

What potatoes we grow:

  • Red Potatoes (red skin, white flesh)
  • Purple Potatoes (purple skin, yellow flesh)
    • Peter Wilcox variety also called Purple Gold
  • Lehigh Potatoes (buff skin, yellow flesh)
    • Developed at Cornell University to be more productive in the North East. Named Lehigh after the rich potato growing heritage of the Lehigh Valley.

Visit Our Farm

We offer a variety of fresh, in-season fruits and vegetables from July to October, with pick-your-own available for most of our crops. Visit us at Gogle Farms to experience the difference. Please note we do not allow dogs on the farm.

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