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Pick-Your-Own at Gogle Farms

If you are interested in the experience of pick-your-own at Gogle Farms you are in luck! We offer pick-your-own sweet and sour cherries, yellow peaches, apples, and jack-o-lanterns based on the season. See our ripening schedule or follow us on Facebook to stay up to date on what fruit is available when.

Anyone doing pick your own will be required to wash their hands at the hand washing station prior to going out into the field.

Our pick your own fruit is sold by the pound.  You will pick into our ½ bushel baskets.  The baskets have a plastic bag liner that will be used to take your fruit home. A ½ bushel basket when filled level to the top holds approx. 20lbs. At check out, your fruit will be weighed and you will be given your fruit in the plastic bag liner.  We keep the baskets. You will not be able to use your own containers to pick into or reuse plastic bags from previous visits.

Pick-Your-Own Rules

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Gogle Farms Grown Potatoes

Why Potatoes?

Growing up the Gogle Children were regaled with stories from their Great Grandpop about taking potatoes to the train in Rockdale by horse drawn wagon. Potatoes were a staple at not only Gogle Farms, but many family run farms in the area at the time Great Grandpop Gogle was growing up. So when it came time for the now grown up Gogle children to decide what to plant on their farm, they chose to honor their Great Grandpop by planting potatoes.

What potatoes we grow:

Other Seasonal Local Produce


String beans






Red beets


Sweet potatoes