(June – July)


Black Gold (sweet)

Dark purple, medium firm flesh – exceptional all around black sweet cherry

Hedelfingen (sweet)

Large, firm fleshed black cherry – comparable to Bing cherries

Balaton (sour)

Bright red tart cherry – good for baking

Regina (sweet)

Originated in Germany – large firm black cherry

(July – August)



Created in Ontario, Canada in 1980 – large freestone fruit that is yellow/orange in color with a firm orange flesh


Created in Ontario, Canada in 1980 – bright orange with a red blush – excellent late season apricot




A petite purple plum with a red, super sweet, juicy flesh


Developed in 1950 at the University of California – Delightfully sweet, deep red skin and bright red flesh – great for baking and eating


Medium yellow plum with a white sweet and juicy flesh

Ozark Premier

Thick skinned, bright red fruit with firm juicy white flesh and true full plum flavor

Burbank Red Ace

Large, firm, rich and sweet as nectar – crimson skin with honeysweet red flesh



Red Haven (yellow, freestone)

Medium sized, brilliant red with yellow flesh

Raritan Rose (white, freestone)

Medium-large with exceptional eating quality

Glo Haven (yellow, freestone)

Introduced by Michigan State University – large, firm and uniform in size

Loring (yellow, freestone)

Customer favorite! Large, yellow and orange skin

Blushing Star (white, freestone)

Flesh is white tinged with pink and does not brown when cut – wonderfully distinct flavor of a white peach

Crest Haven (yellow, freestone)

Created at Michigan State University – firm, highly colored skin, yellow flesh with red around the pit

Redskin (yellow, freestone)

Created at University of Maryland – cross between of J.H. Hale and Elberta – large, yellow peach with distinct red tiger stripe on skin

Autumn Star (Yellow Freestone)

Developed in Michigan – large and firm with yellow flesh

(August – September)


Harrow Delight (green)

Medium size, smooth flesh – early pear. Good for eating

Bartlett (green and red variety)

One of the world’s top pear varieties. Good for both eating and baking – especially canning

Bosc (brown)

Discovered in Oregon Juicy, tender, white flesh

(September – October)


Gala (eating)

Originated in New Zealand – came to the United States in the 1970’s – cross between Kidd’s Orange Red and Golden Delicious Crisp, juicy and very sweet

McIntosh (baking, eating)

Discovered in 1811 by John McIntosh Juicy, tangy and tart

Honeycrisp (eating)

Developed by the University of Minnesota in 1991 – cross between a Macoun and a Honeygold Complex sweet tart flavor, crisp


Discovered at an Orrtanna, Pennsylvania orchard, Sweet, Crisp apple with a pink, red blush.

Cortland (baking, eating)

Created more than 120 years ago in Geneva, New York – cross between McIntosh and Ben Davis Tart, tender apple that browns slower when cut

Red Delicious (eating)

Originated in 1872 in Peru, Iowa – originally called Hawkeye Sweet and crisp

Jonagold (eating, baking)

Family Favorite!! Created by Cornell University in 1968 – cross between Jonathan and Golden Delicious Crisp, juicy and sweet

Mutsu/Crispin (eating, baking)

Created in Japan in the 1930’s renamed Crispin in the late 1960’s – called the Million Dollar Apple – cross between Golden Delicious and Indo Apple Sweet, refreshing and super crisp

Idared (old favorite for baking)

Both Idaho and New York try to take credit for creating this apple – cross between Jonathan and Wagener apple Sweetly-tart, crisp and juicy – bright white flesh Red skin color makes beautiful pink applesauce


The official state apple of Ohio – a cross between a Jonathan and Red Delicious apple – large, firm, crisp, juicy and sweet – stores well and is great for baking!

Nittany (eating, baking)

Created by Penn State in 1979 – cross between Golden Delicious and York Crisp, sweet honey-tart

(September – October)


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