5017 Mulberry Street
Coplay, PA. 18037


U-Pick or Pre-Picked

Seasonal Hours of Operation:

Saturday 9am - 5pm

Sunday 9am - 5pm

Wednesday 5pm - 8pm


  Each tree was individually planted.    
 A row of newly planted apple trees.
Seeding grass in the driveway
between the rows.  Notice the thick
carpet of grass between the year old
apple trees in the background.

Apricots in full bloom!
Peaches in full bloom!
Apples in full bloom!
     Peaches are only this big in May.      
 Pears start out "hanging" straight up!  
ready to pick.
If we let all these peaches on the tree, they would never grow to an acceptable size. Starting in June we must "thin" the peaches to a 6"-8" spacing, selecting the biggest ones to remain for the season.
 As they grow, the weight of the pears causes them to slowly rotate to hang "right-side up".    
 By August the first Peaches are full size.
When the peaches are ripe....
 It's time to pick!    
 Ready for Opening Day.
Our first season for Apples was 2013.
 The Macintosh crop is ready for baking.    
 Pumpkins in the field ready to pick!
Setting up for October

Winter Time!
The winter of 2013-14 was long and cold...
 But we still had to get out and prune the trees.